Simon Beer, ASLA, PLA, Principal




About Simon Beer, ASLA, PLA

Simon has been with the OJB Boston office since its opening in 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Purdue University and is a licensed landscape architect in Massachusetts and Maine. With two decades of professional landscape architecture experience, Simon is highly skilled in managing projects across a wide range of scales and typologies. As a Principal, he implements key decisions in all project phases and motivates his team to question ideas and deliver the highest quality of work possible. His expressive designs are characterized by their sensitivity to user concerns, ecological cognizance, and durability. Growing up in rural Indiana and having worked in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston, Simon is knowledgeable about plant ecologies, materials, and microclimates across multiple regions of the United States. In his free time, Simon enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.