Steven Piper, Senior Associate

Senior Associate

San Diego


About Steven Piper

Since joining OJB in 2016, Steven has leveraged more than nine years of experience in project design, documentation, and management. Steven specializes in design detailing which helps create successfully-built landscapes. He is passionate about creating inclusive spaces for all users to enjoy, and a problem solver with a penchant for tackling issues involving design ideation, constructability, or documentation.  Steven has a love for poetry that extends into the way he feel a landscape should function and be experienced, with each aspect of a design well thought out and purposeful. 

His portfolio of work includes public parks, office and retail spaces, rooftop gardens, and university campuses. Notable projects are Cary Downtown Park, Cambridge Park Drive, Metropolis Phase 2, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, and Constellation Park. Outside of work, Steven enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures and environments, as well as philosophy and learning new things about the world in which we live.