Sydnie Zhang, Lab Design Specialist

Lab Design Specialist



About Sydnie Zhang

Sydnie Zhang is passionate about creating harmonious environments that seamlessly blends nature and human interaction. After earning her master’s degree of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania with a certificate in Urban Design, Sydnie joined OJB in August 2023 as a welcome addition to OJB*lab as a Sustainable Design Specialist. She also holds a bachelor’s degree of Landscape Architecture at Beijing Forestry University in China.

Motivated by an unwavering commitment to ecological balance and innovative design, Sydnie brings a wealth of expertise in sustainable practices to the table. Her past projects encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from resilient urban designs in Mexico City to creating a wildfire design catalog and developing a shoreline simulation model for the Maurice River. Armed with an insatiable curiosity and a dedication to pushing boundaries of conventional design, Sydnie excels in weaving diverse disciplines that unravel the intricate tapestry of landscape dynamics.