Tarah Brand, ASLA, PLA, Director





About Tarah Brand, ASLA, PLA

Tarah Brand joined OJB’s Houston team in 2014. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and is a licensed Landscape Architect in Texas. As a Design Director at the Houston office, Tarah is integral to projects with complex challenges, intricate plantings, and material combinations. Her involvement spans a variety of project types including corporate office towers, urban parks, corporate campuses, and mixed-used projects. She is passionate about landscapes with ample greenery and purposeful use of space, as those components tend to make the outdoors inviting and comfortable to users. Growing up in Upstate New York and now living in Houston, Tarah is conscious of the environmental differences across the country and works to ensure her landscapes thrive in their specific geographic location.

Tarah is inspired by personal projects in interior design and architecture, particularly by boutique hotels, spas, houses, and transformative spaces. She is captivated by the way distinct blends of materials, textiles, and color palettes can harmonize within a design, fostering intimate moments in the landscape. Tarah’s keen ability to seamlessly blend essential elements into a cohesive project has played a pivotal role in the success of multiple projects. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to national parks and finding inspiration from personal projects in interior design and architecture.