TJ Hillberry, Designer




About TJ Hillberry

TJ joined OJB in the summer of 2023 after working on water trails and water restoration projects. He earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. As a Designer, TJ strives to bring people closer to nature through site-specific and sustainable landscapes. As a Houston resident, he hopes to see more design efforts related to green infrastructure, water management, and solutions for the unhoused. His attention to the specific ecological and human concerns of projects is essential to the design and documentation of a mixed-use development in Houston. Post-graduation, he was named a 2023 LAF Olmsted Scholar, a signal of his accomplishments and potential to positively impact the profession. Additionally, TJ received two student awards from Confluence and two more from the ASLA Iowa Chapter during his academic journey. Passionate about kayaking, hiking, and running outside of work, he brings his love of the outdoors to all projects.