Yisi Liu, Senior Associate

Senior Associate




About Yisi Liu

Yisi joined the Boston office in 2017 after graduating from Purdue University, earning a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a minor in Fine Art. She is passionate about creating spaces that put a premium on achieving equity. A multi-talented Associate, Yisi possesses the skill to balance innovation and simplicity. She firmly believes that through idea experimentation, a project can unlock its full potential in terms of human and environmental benefits. As an enthusiast in art, ecology, and technology, she has a well-rounded background that equips her to seamlessly switch between multiple lenses, offering essential viewpoints to the landscape design team. With her graphic design and innovation capabilities, she is an invaluable resource when creating equitable and sustainable landscapes. Yisi was a Purdue 2017 University Olmsted Scholar and the recipient of ASLA Indiana chapter student honor award. In her free time, she is an accomplished visual artist across multiple medias; her work is infused with color and light and has been included in several exhibitions.