Buffalo Bayou Residence

  • Location
    Houston, TX
  • Completion Date
  • Team
    WS Bellows
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Overlooking a wooded preserve on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou headwaters, this residence was designed with careful consideration of the unique topography and views offered by the dramatic wooded setting. Perched on an oxbow, the structure ‘floats’ above the undulating ground it sits on, while planting at grade weaves throughout and is unaffected. It is designed to take advantage of both panoramic views and an intimate seclusion, while being able to contend with flood challenges and achieve the highest sustainability goals. While planting consists of a tight palette of local and climate appropriate plants, this residential project also involved an element of forest and wetlands management; the south and west end of the site extends into a several acres of native sycamore and bald cypress, while the east abuts a Bayou backwater wetland.

Floor to ceiling sliding doors connect the indoors and to the outside.