Burbank Studios Fairway Building

  • Location
    Burbank, CA
  • Completion Date
    May, 2015
  • Size
    0.8 acres
  • Team
    Architect: Unispace
    Civil Engineer: Sukow Engineering
    Structural Engineer: Englekirk
    MEP Engineer: Sparling
    Lighting Designer: Candela
    Irrigation Designer: Sweeney & Associates
    Water Feature Designer: Fountain Source
  • Photography
    Marion Brenner
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At the legacy broadcasting center Burbank Studios, the former studios for the Tonight Show have been reimagined and transformed into a dynamic workspace that highlights collaboration and outdoor work. A strategic renovation selectively exposes portions of the original building to the open-air, creating an amenity-rich landscape that translates California’s highly sought indoor/outdoor lifestyle to the workplace. Former loading docks have been reinvigorated, repurposing vast uninspired spaces into articulated outdoor collaborative work areas and restorative garden nooks.

Trees sit on structure and at grade to lead guests and tenants into the space, while a vertical vine cable system supports greenscreens to offer a semi-transparent enclosure within the courtyard. In addition to the selection of regionally appropriate plants, the project features a high-efficiency irrigation system, soil moisture monitoring, on-site stormwater retention, restoration of existing concrete and treatment-amending of on-site soils. The Studio proactively meets the specifications and requirements for the use of reclaimed water ahead of the implementation of the citywide initiative. The adaptive reuse of the studio is an exemplary way of repurposing a post-industrial building into a regenerative collaborative space.

Master planned by Gehry Partners, Worthe Real Estate Group redeveloped the 1920’s and 50’s era studios into a 35-acre state-of-the-art film and TV broadcast facility.

The Fairway Building was the largest and most central studio building on-site, and together with its loading dock, dominated the inward-facing character of the studio.

The entire east face of the Fairway is broken into eight programmed terraces which house games, seating and dining areas, micro-lawns, and collaborative seating spaces.