Hill Country Residence

  • Location
    Brenham, Texas
  • Completion Date
  • Size
  • Team
    Robert Levy + Associates, Architect


Nestled in the Texas Hill Country between Houston and Austin, this bucolic 80-acre property features an undulating topography and grand Post Oak trees, characteristic of the unique beauty of the ecoregion. The client tasked the design team with re-envisioning an existing ranch house and the arrival to the property, and to integrate the natural and wild nature of the ranch with gardens closer to the residential areas.

The entry sequence is reconfigured to celebrate arrival and denote zones of activity, highlight natural features, and provide clear wayfinding to the front door for all guests. Looking at the property as a whole, the design team marked areas for respite across the large ranch, taking into consideration the range of scales of the property – intimate areas around the house, juxtaposed with circulation across the greater 80 acres. The layered  composition is married with the existing environmental systems of the landscape, so that the desired program works hand-in-hand with natural site amenities to provide spaces for the homeowner to enjoy. This included working with a plant palette native to Texas as well as crafting low maintenance arrangements.


Small scaled structures and pathways create intimate moments in the landscape.