JFK Airport, Terminal One

  • Location
    Queens, NY
  • Completion Date
    In Progress
  • Size
    3.5 Acres
  • Team
    Architecture: Gensler
    D/B Contractor: Tishman


A new airport paradigm is emerging, where time spent from drop-off to pick-up is being planned not only for efficiency, but delight. The Terminal One improvement project at John F. Kennedy Airport includes the construction of a world-class 23-gate international terminal facility at one of the country’s busiest transportation hubs. Exterior landside elements include a new network of departures and arrivals, frontage roadways, and an improved curbside experience featuring a park-like landscape, pedestrian canopies and dynamic signage and operations systems.

Infused throughout both the exterior and interior areas of the terminal, the immersive landscape is both a wayfinding device and counterpoint to the busy circulation. In a surprising entry gesture, a 3.5-acre park runs the full length of the arrivals curb. At the upper departures level, planting is integrated into the exterior bridge structures to soften views and define a welcoming entry to the Check-In Hall. Inside the building, the Welcome Plaza and Recompose Overlook complement each other and anchor the pre- and post-security spaces of the Check-In Hall with natural park-like experiences, reducing feelings of stress often associated with travel and airport processes.

Everywhere, the ecology of the region and legacy of New York open space is celebrated with scaled microclimates, and native and adaptive vegetation that will continue to thrive under extreme conditions. Stone outcroppings, so prevalent in the New York region, are placed as natural dividers to outdoor rooms, framing views and creating moments of inspiration.

Lush landscaping and outdoor spaces provide an oasis for travelers.