North Houston BMX Bike Park

  • Location
    Houston, TX
  • Completion Date
    July, 2019
  • Size
    22 acres
  • Team
    Architect: Endrestudio, Brett Zamore Design
    Civil Engineer: Walter P. Moore
    Structural Engineer: Endrestudio
    MEP Engineer: Wylie Consulting Engineers
    Irrigation Designer: Carter Design Group, LLC
    Signage + Wayfinding Designer: Minor Design
  • Photography
    Geoffery Lyon, Brian Vogel, LCH Productions
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Carved out of a flood plain, the new Rockstar Energy BMX Bike Park is the largest bike park in the US. Located adjacent to a major drainage system for Houston, the entire site was reimagined as a porous park that meshes sustainable hardware elements such as rain gardens, detention zones and bioswales with permeable pavement, gravel parking and planted areas threaded among the riding zones. The park is a pioneer of low-impact development. 3.5-acres of 100% permeable parking lots, rain gardens along the promenade, and bike bowls to hold water in flood conditions, keep the park usable and active during seasons of frequent storms.

By preserving the forested areas of the site, along with planting additional trees, the bike paths and bowls evoke the feeling of biking in the forest, with paths cut out of the landscape, rather than small areas of planting being added into the paths themselves. The highly porous and immersive landscape, filled with native and adaptive planting, changes throughout the seasons. A significant area of forest was also preserved, and an additional 400 trees were planted, which helps lower temperatures within the park.

The BMX park and adjacent 10-acre skate park work together as cohesive and unique 23-acre public amenity.

The park reflects the active and exciting spirit of BMX racing, with forms that are as dynamic as the sport and with landscape performance as important as the performance of the riders.