Playa Vista – FountainView Healthy Aging Campus at Gonda Westside

  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Completion Date
    November, 2016
  • Size
    2.5 acres
  • Team
    Architect: Gensler
    Irrigation Designer: Sweeney & Associates
    Fountain Designer: Fountain Source
    Renderer: Gensler
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Health and wellness are emphasized and supported in every aspect of this new senior living community in Playa Vista. Planned for aging in place, the wellness-hospitality environment is organized to take advantage of the temperate climate and the beauty of the California coastal palette. Generous courtyards offer a flexible platform for both social activities and individual enjoyment. The west-facing spaces feature lush-layered planting containers, paired with long basins of water that helps to lower ambient temperature. The courtyards are filled with gentle movement of small-leafed trees and grasses, fragrant perennials and the soothing sound of water flowing. Generous shaded balconies overlook the courtyards, while the rooftop is another planted oasis. Amenities include a pool and wellness pavilion, a large outdoor roof garden and numerous lounging spaces. Taken together, the spaces create a three-dimensional public realm that encourage outdoor activity and physical and mental wellness.