Seaport San Diego

  • Location
    San Diego, CA
  • Completion Date
  • Size
    Land side: 36.63 acres Water side: 65.67 acres
  • Team
    OJB Landscape Architecture; Safdie Rabines Architects; ABBA Project Management; CRTKL; BIG; Project Design Consultants; Perennial Partners; PCL Construction; McCarthy Construction; Moffatt & Nichol; Glotman Simpson; NV5; Gafcon; Lighting Design Alliance; Collaborative Land Use Consultants; Intesa; PRM Consulting; RSM Design


This revitalization of the bayfront is part of a larger vision for the future of San Diego that honors its connection to the water, while expanding access, mobility and sustainability. The composition includes an observation tower, hotels, shops, and restaurants for a lively commercial anchor, together with upgraded commercial fishing facilities, an improved harbor, boat docking, public piers, aquaculture, and water transit – along with a leading-edge aquarium, a learning center, and a Blue Tech innovation center. The entire development is linked by an abundant thread of recreational open space across 16 acres, including parks and landscaping, recreation areas, a public promenade, walkways and walking paths, public piers and a new public urban beach. The site also includes public infrastructure including piers, harbors, marinas, breakwaters, and wave protection.

A living shoreline  is a journey through San Diego’s coastal habitats and the ecotones found in the transitory space between these diverse communities. Comprised of natural materials and featuring constructed artificial wetlands and tide pools, the shoreline not only protects against erosion, but also provides new habitat for marine and plant life. An urban beach adds to the complement of public open spaces. An elevated walkway along the water’s edge offers a scenic overlook to the wide range of activities and ecological moments.

An iconic, dynamic observation tower marks the location along the skyline and provides sweeping views of the water and the city below from its observation tower.

The Seaport revitalizes a key section of the San Diego Bayfront for the next century of San Diego visitors and residents. The vision bolsters access, use, and enjoyment of the waterfront for all.

Tidepools are part of the living shoreline, providing ecological benefits and dynamic educational experiences along the promenade.

Over one mile of waterfront access is being returned to the public. The working waterfront is now reimagined as a shared amenity for all. A wide variety of active and passive recreation spaces form the connective tissue that knits together the public realm.

The elevated walkway creates a multi-level promenade that welcomes people to enjoy the water from a variety of vantage points and experiences.