UC San Diego Ridge Walk Conceptual Study

  • Location
    La Jolla, CA
  • Completion Date
    February 2017
  • Size
    3 acres
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UC San Diego sought an improved and unifying design character to reinforce Ridge Walk’s importance as a memorable place on campus. Through the conceptual study, implementable ideas were generated via community-wide conversations in support of campus open space. Ridge Walk bisects several areas of the UC San Diego Campus distinguished by design character and historic value. Central to the University’s improvement goals is a continuous Class I bike path spanning the length of the study area. Recognizing the intrinsic value of the historic campus, OJB conceived multiple Class I bike path typologies that respond to the distinct character of each area while also establishing a common design language for Ridge Walk. Bike lane typologies range from full-sized bike lanes in each direction integrated with stormwater capture strategies, to low-impact signature medallions that indicate bike traffic while emphasizing the premier historic character of UC San Diego landscapes.

By promoting safety and security with non-motorized transportation, the proposed Ridge Walk improves a large part of the pedestrian & bicycle network at UC San Diego. Students can more easily travel through campus without a motorized vehicle which alleviates stress on parking infrastructure while also improving perceptions of quality of life on the UC San Diego campus.