Sunnylands Center Gardens


OJB’s collaborative approach is the driving force behind the firm’s landscape architecture and urban planning projects. OJB’s design-first philosophy is visible in all the firm’s projects, while the application of creative and innovative solutions on challenging sites has helped establish OJB as a thought leader.

The firm’s award-winning designs place a strong emphasis on designing vibrant landscapes that enhance the quality of outdoor spaces and promote healthy living. From Master Planning to full design services, OJB understands how to create a project that is not only successful, but also  elevates the visitor experience. 


OJB has designed some of the world’s most transformative and timeless public and private landscapes. The firm is committed to creating landscapes that are brought to life with thoughtful programming. OJB’s activation design team helps clients understand how an open space can be best utilized for the users.

The firm’s focus on activation grew from a desire to create spaces with programming that fits the design. Civic, workplace, academic and mixed-use spaces all need to be effectively planned and programmed to elevate the experience for the visitors. For each area, we develop thoughtful guidelines and strategies that fit the project to activate the space.

  • Operations Analysis
  • Management Recommendations & Strategies
  • Revenue Generating Strategies
  • Community Engagement
  • Public-Private Partnership Recommendation
  • Programming Guidelines
  • Governance
  • Staffing Recommendations
Sunnylands Center Gardens


OJB’s continuing care ensures that the firm’s completed work stays beautiful, healthy and is properly monitored, managed and maintained. OJB combines years of expertise and site-specific knowledge to assist with continuing care strategies that preserve the health and longevity for both newly planted and established spaces. The firm’s continuing care team works with clients during the construction phase and after completion to sustain the integrity and beauty of the design.