At OJB, we believe that active public spaces have the power to transform cities and the urban core. Well-programmed, beautiful open spaces can restore connections between disparate sections within a city, provide transitional space between residential, cultural, and business districts, and act as a catalyst for economic development. For these reasons, all our open space projects are designed with a deep consideration of their constituents and a long-term view of their success and impact.

We work extensively with communities, TIF district proceeds, Public-Private Partnerships, and Non-Profit Conservancies to develop appropriate and context-sensitive spaces that are often self-sustaining. As cities become increasingly aware of the importance of open space, we understand that each city is different, and our design must respect and fit within the ecological framework of that region.

Our urban open space projects have been recognized by ASLA and ULI for having civic importance and substantial environmental benefits. Their significance in revitalizing communities and local economies will ensure their sustained use to serve and foster vibrant urban communities.

Selected Projects