Yuting Liu

Designer | San Diego / yuting@ojb.com

Yuting joined OJB in 2018 after graduating from Cornell University with a dual degree in landscape architecture and city & regional planning. As part of Yuting's graduate work, she explored resilient design and various ways to consciously design for the rise in sea levels and climate change. Yuting's past work and study experience, along with research endeavors, have taken her to pursue the harmony and sustainability of the dynamic environment, providing the best possible cultural, environmental and aesthetical value in projects. 

While at Cornell University, Yuting served as a Research Assistant and worked on a landscape infrastructure design project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She also held an internship at CallisonRTKL in Dallas where she was involved in the Normandy Pointe Du Hoc project, the Rsun Plaza renovation project, the Qingdao Marine Smart Town project and the Plaza Indonesia Jababeka project. 

Currently Yuting is involved in the Missouri Riverfront Revitalization project and the East Village Green Project in San Diego.