American Airlines Campus
Mobility Enhancements

  • Location
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Completion Date
  • Team
    Alta Planning
    Pacheco Koch
    Reed Wells Benson & Co
    Halff Associates
    HMA Consulting
    Moye Consulting
    Quentin Thomas Associates
    Thomas Associates
    D|G Studios
  • Photography
    Craig Blackmon, Millicent Harvey, OJB
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The theme of the American Airlines Campus Mobility project is connectivity and inclusivity, as it achieves the client’s newly adopted motto “One Team, One Campus”. The Mobility project provides continuity in the landscape and connects all facilities on the property seamlessly together.

The American Airlines Campus has over 2 miles of multi-modal pathways, known as “The American Way”, that form a linear garden and wind between groves of trees, linking the entire campus. The paths provide mobility for pedestrians, the bike-share program, and the cart service, and connect employees from the north end of campus to the south and everywhere in-between. A new underpass creates a safe travel environment that separates campus traffic from FAA Boulevard, the public road that bisects the campus.

Along these winding pathways there are dedicated zones for outdoor classrooms, collaboration spaces, break areas, and recreation, providing for a variety of experiences. The project is highlighted by a highly detailed planting design, including over 1,000 newly installed trees that create shade and shelter from the harsh Texas sun, and over 70,000 individual plants, not including the native seed meadows. The central “spine” of the project is a continuous garden that provides a year-round rich botanical experience and also offers employees a much-needed connection to nature.