Jim Beam Campus Experience

  • Location
    Clermont, KY
  • Completion Date
  • Size
    1.8 acres
  • Team
    Architect: Bergmeyer
    Civil Engineer: LD&D Engineering
    Irrigation Designer: Carter Design Group
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Building on the Master Plan completed in 2020, the campus is undergoing a multiphased transformation. Phase 1, completed at the end of 2021, focuses on visitor spaces adjacent to new and expanded buildings on campus.

A tree filled dining terrace expands seating capacity for the recently opened Kitchen Table restaurant. Custom movable cutting gardens within this terrace support mixology and culinary programming, and the adjacent small event lawn was designed to host weddings and other functions.

Adjacent to the historic Beam home, a cocktail grove and large event lawn overlooks the main distillery. New pathways improve accessibility and encourage exploration of the grounds. Native plantings add seasonal interest and transition to a grass meadow designed to conserve water and reduce maintenance.

Educational signage outside of the Kitchen Table restaurant explains the process of meadow growth over time. Within one year after seeding, the meadow should reach a near mature appearance.