March 23, 2020

LAF Research Grant Awarded to OJB and Braun Intertec

OJB is thrilled to announce that in collaboration with Braun Intertec we are the first recipients of The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) new research grant. The LAF Research Grant in Honor of Deb Mitchell supports interdisciplinary research projects that have the capacity to impact the future of the landscape architecture profession.. The focus area of our proposal is called "Greenscapes to Brownscapes: A Study on Impacts to Contaminant Levels in Landscapes Adjacent to Highways". Our study will look at the deposition and accumulation of traffic-related air pollutants in public landscapes along Philadelphia's I-95 corridor.

"We hope that a deeper understanding of urban air pollution and its ability to contaminate soils on highway-adjacent sites can help all landscape architects to devise creative solutions for working in these spaces. Traffic-related air pollution poses a great threat to the health and wellness of urban residents, yet the reclamation by landscape architects of these sites is critical for creating more livable, walkable, and vibrant cities," said Jim Burnett, President and Founder of OJB Landscape Architecture.

Read the press release.

Learn more about the LAF Research Grant.

Photo by Kelly Kiernan on Unsplash